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Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Eira began practising Iyengar yoga in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, and started teacher training when she moved to New Zealand. She passed Introductory Level 1 in 2009, then Introductory Level 2 in 2010 Eira gained her Junior Intermediate (J.I.) Level 1 certification in 2011 and her Junior Intermediate Level 2 in 2014. In 2018 she successfully passed J3 and is now qualified to run teacher training.  Eira brings a wonderful compassion to her teaching and has some great tips from practicing for so long in Zimbabwe.



Kathryn began her Iyengar practice in 2011 here at  The Yoga Room.  She began teacher training with senior teacher Melodie Batchelor of Herne Bay Yoga and passed Intro 1&2 in 2019.


Kathryn loves yoga for both the challenges and calmness it brings to life and is enjoying teaching classes at the Yoga Room.