Yoga 2020 at The Yoga Room

Iyengar yoga is going through some changes this year, as students of Iyengar you wont be affected but the teachers and trainees will be in terms of assessments and exam syllabus.

Change - to make or become different. This word can both inspire us or cripple us with fear and anxiety, regardless to which it comes about like a frequent flyer, life is constant change and so too is yoga. Your practice is forever evolving, with good practice asanas improve openings are found, and stamina and strength are increased. I cannot emphasize enough how you can make remarkable changes with a regular home practice.

Change requires effort though, a willingness to find time. A few of our students are doing hundred days of yoga along with myself. We set aside time for a daily practice and when possible post a photo on The Yoga Rooms instagram [ at_the_yoga_room ] The purpose of this exercise is to create a regular practice of fixed duration, it allows us to see a rapid change and growth in our asanas and sometimes the chance to visit the ones we have neglected. Why not start your hundred days today?

Make 2020 a year of change for your yoga.